September 30, 2021
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During the first broadcast of BOTS TV, Demian Voorhagen of was a guest in our very own BOTS studio. Time to move to spotlight to Demian and ask him all about DemaTrading, his BOTS app experiences and the future for!



As an active member of the Discord community, Demian (better known as and owner of Dembots) is a well-known name amongst users of the BOTS app. He regularly assists users with questions about the bots in the app, and in addition, he doesn’t scare away when it comes to answering questions about investing or crypto either!

But who is

Demian first started trading during his studies. “You can imagine that with the small amount of money I had, this didn’t result in much. So I wondered how I could reach my goals quicker and more efficiently.” Because Demian was a manual trader, he put a lot of time and energy into his trading. “I traded in different markets, so I had quite a few exchanges to keep an eye on.”

Trading bot

With that in mind, Demian wrote his first algorithm: a bot. “I wrote my first bot for my crypto investments, and it worked quite well.” It worked so well that Demian decided to “rent out” his skills on other platforms and created an extra income stream for himself.

“Up until 2017, the crypto market completely collapsed. The algorithms I created at the time couldn’t trade with every market move. So I had to improve.”

That’s when the first idea for arose. “I only wanted to focus on making trading algorithms, and instead of spending time on marketing myself, I wanted to work with a party that could market them, arrange everything for me, and give me time to optimize my algorithms. And as you can imagine, I found all I was looking for in BOTS. BOTS is the perfect platform to run the algorithms on, but I still missed a party that could help me with the marketing, so that I could only focus on making algorithms: not the surrounding logistics.”

Initially, Demian put several bots on the BOTS app under his name. “Those are my algorithms, and I am the sole bot creator.” But he doesn’t stop there.

“I see so many good traders with good strategies, but they often lack the technical knowledge and time to turn this into an algorithm. We can help with that: and that premise is the foundation of We help people with a good strategy to turn this into a bot.”

At the moment, consists of three people and numerous signed agreements with upcoming bot creators. “We can code the strategy for them, but we want them to be able to edit their strategy themselves. By doing so, you kill two birds with one stone.”

Safe trading

For, safety is an essential requirement of the bots they ultimately place on the BOTS app. “If you’re going to code a strategy yourself without any coding experience, it won’t just take you an eternity, but you should also wonder how safe the results will be. That’s why we create the bots in corporation with the person who provides the strategy and ensure that the created algorithm is optimized through machine learning.”

If an algorithm (the bot) is well functioning and safe, uploads it to the BOTS app, and the creator of the strategy will receive a monthly share of the proceeds.

“I created what I would’ve liked in the past: a company that converts a trading strategy into algorithms and does so safely. This allows the trader to sit back free of worries while enjoying a cocktail under a palm tree.”

Do you want to know more? Contact on Discord (Dema#0940) or fill out the form on their website:

About BOTS

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The app is free to download and quick and easy to install. BOTS currently operates in more than 15 countries, and by the end of the year, BOTS wants to be active in at least 60 countries and four continents.

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