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December 6, 2021
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How to with Arthur: Your bot in quarantine

BOTS wants to make sure that everyone in the world has the opportunity to build a second, passive income through investing. To do so, we need the help of our bot creators. But what can you expect from us, what do we expect from you, and how do things work? Let's tell you all there is to know.

How to with Arthur: Your bot in quarantine
How to with Arthur: Your bot in quarantine

Let’s take a look at the quarantine period. When you’re a new bot creator to the BOTS app, your algorithm will do its first live trading trial in the so-called ‘quarantine period’. But what is this quarantine, why is it there, what can you do to make it a success, and when do you get out of it? Let’s dive in.

What is the quarantine period?

As a new bot creator, the quarantine is the initial period when you will test your algorithm in a paper trading environment. This is an environment where we simulate what happens on the actual market — without actually going there. When sending signals to our quarantine environment, the orders don’t go to the real market. Instead, they stay within the quarantine environment and are picked up internally for analysation.

So basically, the quarantine period is a testing phase. In this phase, we’ll determine how your algorithm would function in the real market: now and in the future.

Why is there a quarantine period?

This quarantine period exists to ensure that your algorithm

performs the way you initially thought it would. We know it’s pretty easy to make a small mistake with your back tester, or your algorithm might be overfitted for one specific set of data. If that is the case, your algorithm might perform exceptionally well in the past year but might lose all the funds in the coming months. As you can imagine, this is something we’d like to avoid.

In short: we need to make sure that what happens in the paper trading environment matches your backtesting results.

In addition, this quarantine also functions as a technical check. This paper trading environment is particularly fit to see whether all your signals come through correctly, if all the right orders are placed at the right times and if there aren’t any connection issues.

How long does the quarantine period take?

The length of the quarantine period depends on your bot. If we manage to collect all the data we need to assess quickly, your quarantine period will be a bit shorter. If your bot trades a bit less often, say once or twice a month, we’ll need a bit more time to collect all the necessary data.

If we would run into issues, errors or bugs, we might have to extend this quarantine period.

What can you do to make this quarantine period a success?

Fortunately, you can do a few things as a bot-creator to make this quarantine period a success. It all starts with recording your performance: what performance do you expect from your bot during this period? If there are differences between your reports and ours, there’s a mismatch that we’ll have to investigate.

Another way to keep yourself involved during quarantine is to monitor the signals you’re sending and your responses from our API. If you run into any issues, our Bot Creator Team will always ask you for the messages you’ve sent and received during this period. This helps them identify the problems — so you might as well be one step ahead!

How do you get started in the quarantine period?

Well, guys and gals, that’s not as hard as you might think it is. You might’ve already discovered our Onboarding Guide. Not only does this Guide have loads of information, but it also allows you to upload your bot with the Bot-Form. You fill the form, send it in, and our Bot Creator Team will schedule your bot for quarantine!

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